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WVU Insect Zoo

The WVU Insect Zoo opened in 2007 at WVU. The official name of the collection and zoo is the WVU Arthropod Museum and Insect Zoo.  It has been serving to accomplish the research, teaching, and service missions of West Virginia University. Currently, the Zoo is closed and its outreach activities have been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The mission of the Zoo and Museum is to educate and engage the public.  We hope to :

  • Provide an understanding of the diversity of insects and other arthropods in the ecosystem
  • Increase awareness of beneficial insects as well as harmful and invasive species
  • Provide a place for anyone to view and interact with these diverse animals and develop a respect and appreciation for them


A room - including metal and wood shelving - inside the insect zoo
The Zoo and Museum are a part of the WVU Entomology under the Division of Plant and Soil Science, Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Design. It is located in the Agricultural  Sciences Building in the Evansdale campus of WVU. The Zoo and Museum include two insect collection rooms, one insect rearing room, and one display and outreach room.

Zoo Animals

A tarantula sitting in the palm of a hand
The Insect Zoo has about 26 live (mostly exotic) insects and arthropods and previously owned 73 additional arthropods.

Zoo Outreach

Vicki Kondo provides a tour to a group of people
The Insect Zoo provides various outreach for the citizens of WV. Major outreach events include the WV State Fair, WVU Family Day, WVU Diversity Week, and various events associated with K-12 education.


Inquiry on zoo administration
Yong-Lak Park, Director 

Inquiry on zoo animals and museum
Vicki Kondo, Zoo Manager

Inquiry on outreach request
Elizabeth Rowen, Outreach Coordinator